Giving Perl a Fair Shot

When I obtained my copy of the updated Intermediate Perl from O’Reilly, I was pretty stoked.  For awhile, i’ve really wanted to give perl another serious shot (some of my colleagues swear by it), and I figured this would be a great time to do that. 

In all fairness, i even purchased the updated “Learning Perl” book from O’Reilly and went through that to be sure i was up-to-date with the basics.  What a miserable experience. I just cannot get on board with perl’s syntax.  It’s an abomination—the Frankenstein of coding languages.  Coming from a structured coding background, this just chapped my bacon.

So, I choked through Learning Perl (what made that worse, is the book revolves around the Flintstones—and i friggin’ hate the Flintstones)

Then on to Intermediate Perl.  Still not enjoying my coding experience.  And if there’s anything i detest more than the Flintstones, it’s Gilligan’s Island.

A few clarifications:

The book and it’s content are good.  My problem is not with the book or the author, but the cluster that is the perl syntax.  The books content is well done and laid out pretty well.  

Overall—i would recommend these books only to someone NEEDS to learn perl to survive. If you’re looking to learn a new language, I’d recommend python, ruby, or php.