Metasploit Penetration Testing Cookbook

Packt’s cookbook-style publications remove all the fluff from an IT book and get down to business.  With over 70 ‘recipes’ on how to perform very specific tasks under Metasploit, this book makes for a perfect reference book for the penetration tester.  Initially, I was a bit concerned because I saw the examples were targeting XPSP2 and Server 2003, but as the book progressed, it moved on to SP3 and Win7, with some Ubuntu as well.

The recipes included cover a wide variety of topics ranging from recon to pivoting.  The sections on creating/modifying exploits was especially helpful (although the disable firewall script was giving my grief in BT5R3).  It was the only real code-snag i ran into and to be honest, wasn’t too concerned with making it work at the time (as i could shut it off just as easily from the command line).

Overall, I enjoyed this book and will definitely keep it close for reference during an engagement.

You can read more about it here.

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