The Artist’s Guide to GIMP

Decided to take a little detour from the world of technology and check out a different book.  This one happened to be on GIMP.  While I’ve always appreciated the power and versatility of GIMP, i’ve never really known how to make use of about 99% of the features it contained.   That’s where this book comes in handy.  While I have zero aspirations to ever do any graphical design (professionally, anyways), there’s always a client here and there who want’s a logo redesign for the site or whatnot.  

The content and flow of the book was excellent—especially for someone who has no idea what they’re doing.  This book provided a great foundation on the tools and versatility of GIMP and the examples were relatively simple to follow along with.  Overall, I am quite satisfied with this book and it will make a handy reference for down the road when I actually need to use it.

You can pick up your copy here.  

You can pick up your very own copy of GIMP at the incredible low, low price of $0 here.

And also, for the fellow Mac peeps—GIMP is now a native app.  No more of the X11 nonsense.  

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