Programming iOS 4 by Matt Neuburg

So this weekend I had time to finish Programming iOS 4 (Early Release) by Matt Neuburg.

I must say that this book wasn’t quite what I was looking for in an iOS4 book. While the book contained good content, I thought it contained more concepts and theory over actual implementation.  The book was divided up into 7 sections (the Language, the IDE, Cocoa, Views, Interface, Some Frameworks, and Final Topics). 

Parts 1 & 2 were a introduction into C/Objective C and XCode.  Basic C terminology/usage was talked about in excessive depth, and by the time you get to the third section (Cocoa), you’ve really made only 1 “true” iOS application—and that’s dragging a label onto a canvas and checking out it’s contents.  This is almost 200 pages into the book.

The next 4 sections of the book were useful in a purely classroom setting, explaining theory and implementation of Cocoa, Views, Interfaces, and other Frameworks that can be utilized.  While this knowledge was quite educational, i found myself wanting to learn by creating real-life (or any) iOS applications and discuss topics such as design, development, optimizing, and deployments.  

Overall, I was disappointed with this book in the manner that i was expecting a more code-driven book with examples and exercises to practice what was covered in the chapter.   I can see this book serving as a reference book later once core understanding of the platform is reached when reaching for that deeper understanding becomes necessary.

Programming iOS 4 by Matt Neuburg —Available from O’Reilly Press May 22, 2011.