Take Control of iPhone and iPod Touch Networking & Security, iOS 4 Edition by Glenn Fleishman

A rather light read on an introduction to iOS networking and security.  The book was enough to inform, but not go overboard on the how’s and why’s making it a quick and informative read.

 The first couple of sections deal on the basics of wireless networking along with describing the type so networks (open/closed/hidden) and how to connect and configure based on that information.  Moving along then into Wireless Hotspots covering again connectivity, the potential costs associated with them, as well as how to get up and going quickly.  He takes a few moments to also share some networking tweaking tips to help get the most out of your connection.

The next couple of sections are over 3g, Tethering (something that your wireless care is probably raking you over the coals with), and connecting and configuring those tethered connections.

The last couple of sections covers some apps that I never really knew anything about—iTeleport/Mocha VNC (remote connecting clients) and finishes up with basic data/device security. 

Overall, this book was a pretty quick read and someone who’s quite familiar with the iOS platform still managed to pick up a few new things.  This would be a great book for those who are not familiar at all with the iOS platform and want to get a good understanding of basic security practices.

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