JavaScript: The Definitive Guide by David Flanagan

I’ve heard that this is the book if you wanted THE book on JavaScript.   This book explains just about everything there is about JavaScript—the theories, the practice, the how’s and whys.  The examples are short and sometimes incomplete and lead you to draw your own conclusions.  While not technically a “beginner book” or a “how-to” book, this book starts the ball rolling with a thorough primer into the JavaScript world.  The information contained within is in-depth and vast—the ebook version is well over 1,000 pages.  

Part two covers topics like AJAX/jQuery/DOM.  Again assuming the user has some of a JavaScript foundation, the author provided extremely useful information and some great examples of how to implement and troubleshoot these solutions.

Part three is the part i keep coming back to:  the reference section.  It documents the classes and methods used by the core JavaScript language.

This is by far the best reference book for any JavaScript developer.  Once you have some core practices down, this is the book to have.

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