HTML5 Canvas by Steve Fulton & Jeff Fulton

With all the hype going in the tech community about HTML5 and it’s predicted future, I decided to pick up this book from O’Reilly tinker around with it and see what’s what.  Needless to say, I’m bought in. As a software developer, the less code i have to write to reach the maximum target audience is always a mark in the “win” column.   While this book only covers the canvas aspect of HTML5, the authors do a great job of introducing it in this lengthy, example-filled tome.

The book starts as most do—with an introduction and some basics of creating HTML5 content. The first few chapters go over a lot of essentials that you will build on throughout the rest of the book.  For me, the book really caught my attention at Chapter four—where you begin doing basic animations and interactive/rich content.  This book also doubles as a great reference for those looking to do any sort of gaming with HTML5, and the next couple of proceeding chapters cover topics like animation, physics, audio, video, and even game design. 

Overall, i felt this book was a great introduction and foundation into getting started with HTML5.   It’s loaded with lots of examples and serves as a great point of reference to anyone looking into HTML5 development.