Learning Rails 3 by Simon St. Laurent & Edd Dumbill

To be honest, I’m still not a huge fan of Rails.  Personal preference, of course.  I’ve tried several online tutorials and getting started guides and conceptually it just seemed convoluted to me.  Then I got a hold of this book.  While i’m still not ruby’s greatest fan, the authors did a great job of presenting the content in short, precise chapters.  Each chapter had a critical point to teach, and taught it well and in a minimal amount of pages as to keep from sliding off topic.  

 Aside from personal opinions, this was a great book.  The content was excellent and it was presented very well.  Rails presents a different development mindset that’s far off base from my C-type induced language background.  The author lets you know this up front, and tells you that this is how it is and not to fight Rails.  The only complaint I have on this book is the last half of the book hasn’t been updated for Rails 3.  With this being the early release, I look forward to O’Reilly updating the book and providing that update.

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